You must have heard that there is something new by the name of FLUTTER which was announced in Google I/O 2018. But the question arises what is it?

What is FLUTTER?

So Flutter is basically a Mobile app SDK by Google. It is used for creating high-end and high-quality native interfaces for both Android and iOS. Along with it, it is absolutely free and opensource like android. And also it is the primary method of creating applications for Google Fuchsia.

Now the first thing which comes in mind is that we already have many languages and tools to create Cross-Platform applications like React, React Native and many more. So how is it different or better from others?

How is Flutter differents from other Cross-Platform languages/tools?

  • Flutter is faster, easy to use and create applications with.
  • It need not require a High-End Machine to create an application, you can use Flutter CLI and vi as code editor for creating a Flutter based application in a relatively low-end machine too.
  • You can see the results of the changes you made in the code instantly because of its hot reload feature.
  • It is a reactive framework that means when you update the variables in your state, the UI will automatically reflect the changes.
  • In it, you can define both functionality and looks of your application with Dart alone.
  • The most important, due to the growing collection of Dart libraries, Flutter apps can easily take advantage of it.
  • It allows you to develop cross-platform apps for both Android and iOS. That means, you can use Material Design widgets in your Android apps whereas Cupertino widgets for iOS apps.


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