WhatsApp has launched a slew of new features for Apple iPhone and Android smartphone users. These new features give more control to both Group admins as well as users. While Group admins get more controls, users get more protection against spam as well as a new button to catch up on group messages. Here are the six new features …

1. ​Search participants in a Group

Now WhatsApp users can find anyone in a group by searching for participants on the group info page.

2. Group descriptions to be more informative

With this feature, WhatsApp Groups get more descriptive. As WhatsApp blog says, “A short blurb found under group info that allows you to set the purpose, guidelines, or topics for the group. When a new person joins a group, the description will show up at the top of the chat.”

3. Admins to can restrict, change the group’s subject, icon, and more

WhatsApp admins are getting more powers. Post the revamp, Group admins will have controls to monitor who among the group members can change the group’s subject, icon, and description.

4. New ‘@’ button to catch up on Group messages

WhatsApp Groups are getting a new ‘@’ button. This means when you’ve been away from a group chat, quickly catch up on messages that mention or reply to you by tapping on the new ‘@’ button that appears at the bottom right corner of the chat.

 5. ​Admins can remove admin permissions

Admins can now remove admin permissions of other group participants, and group creators can no longer be removed from the group they started.

6. Users can no longer be repeatedly added to groups they quit

WhatsApp has also introduced new protection for users. With these, users can’t be repeatedly added to groups they have left.


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