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  • 00:09 – Google Maps will also pair with camera, could offer virtual assistant
    • In the new Google Maps, users will be able to consider checking locations by using their camera. Here, users will be able to consider pointing their camera to the nearby locations, which can help identify landmarks, and indicate the map routes that need to be taken. In a bid to make navigation easier, Google has also been testing a virtual navigation assistant, that could give real-time directions.
  • 00:05 – Google Maps now runs on Visual Positioning System (VPS)
    • Google Maps has now been revamped to improve user experience. The new Google Maps will now be based on Visual Positioning System (VPS), that will help users get a feel of various locations, even if they are not familiar with the road. This will also help users see nearby restaurants, offices and other listed locations from the Maps. Maps will also provide direction aids, so that routes can become easier to navigate.
  • 00:04 – Google Lens is getting smarter
    • Smart text selection in Google Lens will understand the context and meaning behind the words. It will also let users search for answers around a text. Say when one looks at a menu, they can point the camera and check what a particular dish is from their phone.
  • 00:02 – Google Maps: New navigation with camera
    • Google is adding new Visual Positioning System for walking navigation with the camera. It will use the camera to show the exactly where they are and figure out where they are. No more relying on blue dot while using Maps for walking navigation. Google Lens will also be supported in the camera. It will be integrated from the next week in the camera app of Pixel, LG G7 and other devices.

  • 23:57 – Google Maps gets new features.
    • Google Maps has a new ‘For You’ feature. Will show places which are interesting to the user, like restaurants close by. A new ‘Your Match’ feature will help show the user places which they are likely to prefer based on previous ratings, interests shared. Again Google is relying on Machine Learning for this feature on Google Maps. There’s also a new Share with Friends feature for real-time decisions. Friends can vote in real-time to pick on a place.
  • 23:49 – Android P Beta Announcement and Android P new features.
    • Android P will show a dashboard of how a user spends time on their device. Users can see which apps they are using the most, what they are engaging with in the app, the timings, etc with this dashboard. Users can set an App Timer, which will let them set a time limit on the app. DND mode is getting an improvement. Visual interruptions will also be stopped during this time. ‘Shush’ is a new gesture. Turn the phone over on the table and it will automatically go into DND mode. YouTube will be adding a ‘Time Watched’ tool to see how much time is spent on desktop and mobile watching videos.
  • 23:39 – Android P other features.
    • Slices are new APIs. Define interactive snippets of their app UI, which will show up in a search. Slice templates are versatile with photos, videos, etc being shown depending on how developers use this. Early access will be available next month for App Actions and Slices.  ML Kit announced for Google Android P. Ready to use models,  which are built on TensorFlow. Cross-platform and runs on Android and iOS.
  • 23:33 – Android P will focus on Intelligence, Simplicity and Digital Well-Being
    • Android  P will be a smarter operating system.  New ‘Adaptive Battery’ feature, which will figure out which apps one will use in the next few hours, which apps one will not use. 30 percent reduction in CPU app wakeups with this new feature, claims Google. ‘Adaptive Brightness’ will learn how you like to set the display brightness, and the phone will adapt to a user’s preferences.  The UI will be more smarter as well. It will come with ‘App Actions’ which will predict what action a user wishes to take next. The ‘Actions’ are predicted based on the usage pattern of the user.
  • 23:23 – The new Google News app is here.
    • Google News app is built on the Material theme design. Focus on pictures, videos with news articles. Relies on AI to create the feed for the user. It will also come with a Newscasts feature, which will show all the basics on a topic in one place, from tweets to articles to videos. Google News will also have a ‘Full Coverage’ feature, which will give the complete picture of a story, a variety of news sources, right as the story evolves.

  • 23:19 – Google News initiative, Google News gets revamped.
  • 23:16 – Google helping with Digital Well-Being
  • 23:11 – Google Assistant: Will actually make your appointments.
  • 23:10 – Google Assistant Integration.
  • 22:57 – Google Assistant to get new features.
  • 22:52 – Google Assistant to get six new voices.
  • 22:51 – Suggested Actions on Google Photos.
  • 22:51 – Smart Compose on Gmail.
  • 22:46 – GBoard in Morse Code.



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